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Our Mission

Consumers Council of Missouri builds on its foundation, laid in 1971, to educate consumers statewide and advocate for their collective interests through leadership and partnerships on issues such as utility rates, health care access, personal finance, and others as they arise.

Speaking Truth
To Power

Meet Alberta Slavin, founder of the consumer movement in Missouri in the 1970s. Alberta was appointed by Gov. Teasdale as the first consumer advocate to head the Missouri Public Service Commission, and later became the “On Your Side” consumer reporter for CBS, Channel 4.

I believe ordinary citizens, banding together, can make a difference.

Our Main Issues

Consumers Council of Missouri continues to build on five decades of educating and advocating for the people across the state of Missouri. In addition to these areas of focus, we address other issues that arise relating to communities that have long been the target of structural oppression.


Advocating for ratepayer-friendly utility policies and ensuring that consumers have a voice in monopoly marketplaces.

Personal Finance

Fighting predatory banking practices while working to provide financial literacy in a state with more payday lenders than McDonald’s.


Working to expand health care access to all Missourians and to ensure that healthcare plans are priced fairly.

Consumer Council of Missouri's Fall Fundraiser

“Building Equity and Healthy Communities”
October 29, 2023

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