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Scam Alert #MOLEG

Special interests have massive $$ campaign. Help us get the word out on a major scam in #MOLEG that will raise utility bills for the most vulnerable among us. And many of our state reps are going along for the ride.

Don’t be fooled by the bogus “rate cap” bill bought and paid for by Ameren.

Sign up here to keep track of how your state rep votes on bills that will raise your utility rates:

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Veiwpoints: The Consumer Perspective

Confused about the Ameren-backed bill in #MOLEG?

Check out the consumer perspective on Missouri Viewpoints with Mike Ferguson.

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Public Service Commission Analysis of SB564

The PSC has issued a detailed analysis of the Ameren-backed bill that is currently being debated in the Missouri House of Representatives. The analysis points out many problems with the bill, particularly with the proposed accounting mechanism which would make Missouri the first and only state in the country to provide this bonus type of profit calculator. Download the detailed report below.

Staff Analysis SB 564 perfected final with matrix appendix Version 2

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Senate Bill 564

The Missouri Senate has been up all night trying to ram through Senate Bill 564 .Some facts about SB 564 as it stands today…
SB 564 a bill that would dramatically raise household electric rates by up to 20%. The so-called “rate caps” are phony and will not protect consumers.
SB 564 would mandate a retroactive accounting method for bonus electric rate increases (PISA).  This PISA method that has been rejected by the MO PSC, and has not been allowed in any state jurisdiction in the nation!
SB 564 is opposed by small consumers and large industrial electric customers.   But any percentage impact would be much, much, greater upon normal residential households.. . since the legislation also includes a subsidy for the biggest customers, at the expense of normal residential households.


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Consumer Groups Concerned about Multiple Bills

Formula rate bills before the MO Senate would punish the state’s consumers with the formula “save more — pay more.”

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Federal Tax Cut Should Benefit Consumers or Investors?

For most companies, the big federal tax cut flows straight to the bottom line. When it comes to regulated utilities, however, should the windfall go to consumers or investors?

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Advocating for low income families

Today, CCM Board Chair Jackie Hutchinson and Consumer Utility Counsel John Coffman are in Jefferson City testifying before the Public Service Commission on behalf of residential consumers in Missouri in the Spire / Laclede rate case. Jackie, as our expert witness, is advocating on behalf of a low-income program to protect some of Missouri’s most vulnerable consumers.

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New to our Board of Directors

This month, Consumers Council of Missouri welcomes two new members to our Board of Directors: Adam Kustra and Tracy Dischert Verner. Welcome to our leadership team!!!

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Economic Development: Driven by Ratepayers

#MOLEG Special Session: an economic development package paid for by utility ratepayers.

“What passed in the special session was an economic development package on the backs of ratepayers,” the Consumers Council of Missouri, a consumer advocacy nonprofit, said in a statement. “What worries us is the 10-year rate clause, allowing the Public Service Commission to set rates for 10 years that would disable future commissions from revisiting those special rates.”

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