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Rate Raising Legislation on Fast Track.

Legislation promoted by Ameren and other utilities was rammed through committee last week. Bill offers artificial caps and would raise electric rates in 5 different ways.

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Laclede Gas / Spire Hearings

Laclede Gas Company / MGE (Spire) has filed for a double digit rate increase that would affect both sides of Missouri. This proposal would increase annual revenues by by $58.1 million. Included is a proposal to dramatically shift costs from large industrials to residential consumers.

Consumers Council of Missouri has successfully filed for intervention and have submitted expert testimony in the case, arguing for a low-income benefit program proposal.

To provide comment to the Public Service Commission on how this will impact your household, submit your comment with us. We’ve made it easy here.


Or you can attend a hearing:

Sept 19, 6pm: Joplin, M

Sept 21, 12pm: Independence, MO

Sept 21, 6pm: St. Joseph, MO

Oct 2, 6pm: Arnold, MO

Oct 3, 12pm and 6pm: St. Louis, MO

Oct 5, 12pm and 6pm: St. Louis, MO

Oct 11, 6pm: Kansas City, MO

Oct 12, 12pm and 6pm: Kansas City, MO
Laclede provides natural gas service to approximately 647,200 customers in the City of St. Louis as well as the Missouri counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, Butler, Iron, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Crawford, St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve.

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Laclede Gas / Spire Rate Comment

Laclede Gas Company / MGE (Spire) is asking to raise its natural gas rates throughout the state of Missouri. The combined proposal would increase their base rates by over $100 million and shift additional costs to residential consumers.

To provide comment to the Public Service Commission on how this will impact your household, attend one of the hearings, or submit your comment with us.

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Economic Development: Driven by Ratepayers

#MOLEG Special Session: an economic development package paid for by utility ratepayers.

“What passed in the special session was an economic development package on the backs of ratepayers,” the Consumers Council of Missouri, a consumer advocacy nonprofit, said in a statement. “What worries us is the 10-year rate clause, allowing the Public Service Commission to set rates for 10 years that would disable future commissions from revisiting those special rates.”

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Household Energy: Not a luxury.

Cara Spencer of the Consumers Council of Missouri said even small increases in utility prices could affect poorer residents.

“Household energy is not a luxury. What we’re looking at here is a tax increase,” Spencer said.

Greitens dismissed those concerns while speaking to reporters Tuesday.
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MOLEG Special Session:

MO lawmakers convene in special session starting today… at the expense of electric utility ratepayers. Read more here.


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A Special Session Just for Ameren

Want a major shift in electrical costs from its biggest users to much smaller, and powerless consumers? That’s what #MOLEG is doing in the special session they’ve called. Tell your representative to VOTE NO. They are up against a powerful utility lobby with only a handful of us on the other side.

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Special Session for Higher Utility Rates?

Under the governor’s leadership, the state of Missouri is gearing up to spend tens of thousands of dollars a day to hold special session. The main goal appears to tax households to subsidize big corporations. Read more here.

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Ameren prices go DOWN.

Lower electric prices for Ameren Missouri customers this week. Kudos to our Public Service Commission! More here.

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