CCM Aids National Campaign for Consumer Safety in Rental, Used Cars

CCM has been working closely with a national group, Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS), urging St. Louis’s Enterprise Leasing to stop fighting a federal bill to prevent rental car companies from renting recalled cars until they are repaired.  Now we learn the problem extends to used cars on dealers’ lots – in St. Louis!

New: Unrepaired Recalled Cars for Sale on Used Car Lots – in St. Louis!

NBC’s Today Show recently went undercover and found auto dealers lying about the safety of the cars they are selling – in St. Louis!  In a hidden-camera investigation, NBC’s reporter discovered some dealers are selling cars that may have dangerous safety flaws.

The cars have been recalled by manufacturers for safety defects, but the used car dealers have failed to repair them.  40 million American consumers bought used cars last year.   Watch this video to learn a key questions to ask to avoid killer cars.

The good news is that Enterprise Leasing heeded consumers’ persuasive message and now supports the legislation, which will be re-introduced soon in the U.S. Congress.

For more information on the campaign to require repair of recalled vehicles before they are rented or sold, go to

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