Legislative Results Buoy Consumers

Consumers Council of Missouri, along with its allies in the Fair Energy Rate Action Fund, celebrate the fact that the 2013 regular session of the Missouri General Assembly added no new surcharges or onerous regulatory changes for the state's utility consumers.  The biggest threat came from the agendas of the electric, gas and water utilities, all of whom sought to add or expand infrastructure system replacement surcharges -- called ISRS (pronounced IS-russ) -- without adequate oversight from regulators.

Bills to expand ISRS for water companies and to allow electricity utilities to charge an ISRS died in the legislature.  A bill to expand ISRS for natural gas providers was vetoed by Governor Jay Nixon.

Chris Roepe, Executive Director of FERAF, said of the veto: “Gov. Nixon’s veto of this expensive gas surcharge legislation will save Missouri families and businesses millions on their gas bills.  Missouri’s families can be pleased that the governor understands the stresses on their budgets and is protecting their pocketbooks from monopoly utility companies.  Governor Nixon knows that low-cost energy must be protected if Missouri is going to create jobs and grow our economy.”