Consumers Council Honored Two Very Honorable Women At Our Annual Meeting

October 31, 2023

At our October 29 2023 annual meeting, Consumers Council gave the prestigious Alberta Slavin award to Ollie Stewart, the unstoppable hardworking Executive Director of Southside Wellness. We also honored Joyce Armstrong, board member and co-founder of Consumers Council.

Not very often that we can go to an event honoring two fabulously inspirational women in their 90s.

The inimitable Ray Hartmann then did a rollicking good interview of Joyce in front of a packed crowd. A highlight of the interview was when Joyce told the crowd an origin story: In the 1960s, the housekeeper of one of our founders noted that grocery prices were higher in North St. Louis County than in the more upscale Clayton MO. That began a campaign to compare prices and put pressure on groceries for fairness and equity in the food chain. That successful campaign gave birth to what we know today as Consumers Council of Missouri!

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