Consumers Council of Missouri Offers Health Insurance Rate Review Guide

ST. LOUIS, Mo., May 19, 2015 — Consumers Council of Missouri has released it guide to helping Missourians review health insurance rates in order to make an important aspect of health care more transparent and accountable.  The state of Missouri has no law requiring health insurance companies to even file their rates much less have them reviewed or analyzed.

The federal Affordable Care Act provides that the Department of Health and Human Services do rate review in states that have no adequate rate review law.  Missouri is the only state that has no laws covering the topic.

Consumers Council produced the manual with funding from the Missouri Foundation for Health.  The foundation is also funding the council to perform health insurance rate review in Missouri for the first time ever when rates for coverage in Missouri through the ACA in 2016 become public around June 1.  

To download Health Insurance Rate Review for Missouri Consumers, click here.

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