Corporate Tax Break Reduces Utility Bills in Many States, MO?

JEFFERSON CITY / ST. LOUIS — January 22, 2018

Consumers Council of Missouri is calling for the state of Missouri to take swift action to evaluate and the pass through to consumers the hundreds of millions of dollars utility companies will enjoy following the passage of the new tax law. Current utility rates are calculated based on a corporate tax of 35%, a rate which was just dropped by a whopping 40%.


Electric companies in Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, Arizona and other states have announced plans to pass these massive tax savings on to customers through lower rates and some of the largest utilities in the country have voluntarily established a plan to reduce rates. We are looking to Missouri to do the same.


The Public Service Commission has opened a docket to take comments from utility companies as well as the general public. We encourage consumers to weigh in and will be watching closely.


for more information contact:

Cara Spencer, Executive Director, (314) 556-7379
John Coffman, Utility Consumer Counsel                               (573) 424-6779


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