Public Access to Health Insurance Rates Postponed in MO

The annual review of health insurance rates helps to protect consumers from insurance companies unjustly increasing rates on premiums. Federal regulations specify that 2018 health insurance rates must be made public by August 1 to facilitate this review process but the Missouri Department of Insurance has postponed public access of these filings in our state to September 1, 2017.

With all the activity on the national level regarding the future of subsidies and the last-minute addition of Centene to the MO marketplace, it is no surprise that the Department has postponed the date. But the delay will hurt the ability of consumers and advocates to review health insurance rate increases for 2018.

This makes our work even more important. Consumers Council of Missouri and our rate review legal team will be ready to go come September 1. Stay tuned for what’s in store for MO health insurance consumers.

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