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Missouri bills deregulating utility rates make headway. Consumer protections? Not so much

Bills that would deregulate how MO utility companies set rates are making progress through legislative committees in both the Missouri House and Senate. Another series of bills aimed at increasing consumer protections, however, have all mostly stalled.

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SB564: The FACTS

The Consumers Council of Missouri would like to offer the residential consumer perspective of Senate Bill 564.

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Tax cuts spur KCP&L rate update case.

While KCP&L is proposing a rate increase, CCM is calling for a decrease: calling on state officials to evaluate how the tax cuts might be rolled into utility costs

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Water Rates Skyrocketing?

Massive Water Rate Increase: 45% proposal in St. Louis County. Consumers Council has the following concerns:

The request is based on an estimate of future expenses rather than audited costs, which means that consumers could be overcharged. Rates should be based on actual costs, not guesses.

It would add a charge that would raise rates when usage declines, a “save more, pay more” model. This is would disincentivize conservation and essentially shift the risk burden from the investor-owned utility company to the individual consumer.

Most significantly, the proposal would result in an increase in the St. Louis metro area of a whopping 45 percent!

Join us in voicing concerns.

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Consumer Groups Concerned about Rate Mechanisms

Consumer groups are concerned with new rate increase mechanisms proposed in legislation before the Missouri Senate.

Ameren Seeks Support For Plan That Would Change Way Rate Hikes Approved

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CCM calls for reduction in utility rates after massive drop in corporate taxes.

Consumers Council of Missouri wants swift attention paid to the new corporate tax rate, which has fallen this year from 35%-to-21% and will bring massive savings to the state’s investor utilities.

The watchdog group says the companies will realize hundreds of millions of dollars in extra money if utility rates continue to be calculated based on the 35% rate.  Consumers Council notes electric companies in Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, Arizona and other states have announced plans to pass savings on to consumers as a result of the 40% drop in corporate income taxes.

Consumer watchdog calls for reduction in Missouri utility rates after massive drop in corporate taxes

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Corporate Tax Break Reduces Utility Bills in Many States, MO?

JEFFERSON CITY / ST. LOUIS — January 22, 2018

Consumers Council of Missouri is calling for the state of Missouri to take swift action to evaluate and the pass through to consumers the hundreds of millions of dollars utility companies will enjoy following the passage of the new tax law. Current utility rates are calculated based on a corporate tax of 35%, a rate which was just dropped by a whopping 40%.


Electric companies in Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, Arizona and other states have announced plans to pass these massive tax savings on to customers through lower rates and some of the largest utilities in the country have voluntarily established a plan to reduce rates. We are looking to Missouri to do the same.


The Public Service Commission has opened a docket to take comments from utility companies as well as the general public. We encourage consumers to weigh in and will be watching closely.


for more information contact:

Cara Spencer, Executive Director, (314) 556-7379
John Coffman, Utility Consumer Counsel                               (573) 424-6779


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Rate Raising Legislation on Fast Track.

Legislation promoted by Ameren and other utilities was rammed through committee last week. Bill offers artificial caps and would raise electric rates in 5 different ways.

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Laclede Gas / Spire Hearings

Laclede Gas Company / MGE (Spire) has filed for a double digit rate increase that would affect both sides of Missouri. This proposal would increase annual revenues by by $58.1 million. Included is a proposal to dramatically shift costs from large industrials to residential consumers.

Consumers Council of Missouri has successfully filed for intervention and have submitted expert testimony in the case, arguing for a low-income benefit program proposal.

To provide comment to the Public Service Commission on how this will impact your household, submit your comment with us. We’ve made it easy here.


Or you can attend a hearing:

Sept 19, 6pm: Joplin, M

Sept 21, 12pm: Independence, MO

Sept 21, 6pm: St. Joseph, MO

Oct 2, 6pm: Arnold, MO

Oct 3, 12pm and 6pm: St. Louis, MO

Oct 5, 12pm and 6pm: St. Louis, MO

Oct 11, 6pm: Kansas City, MO

Oct 12, 12pm and 6pm: Kansas City, MO
Laclede provides natural gas service to approximately 647,200 customers in the City of St. Louis as well as the Missouri counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, Butler, Iron, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Crawford, St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve.

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Laclede Gas / Spire Rate Comment

Laclede Gas Company / MGE (Spire) is asking to raise its natural gas rates throughout the state of Missouri. The combined proposal would increase their base rates by over $100 million and shift additional costs to residential consumers.

To provide comment to the Public Service Commission on how this will impact your household, attend one of the hearings, or submit your comment with us.

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