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Economic Development: Driven by Ratepayers

#MOLEG Special Session: an economic development package paid for by utility ratepayers.

“What passed in the special session was an economic development package on the backs of ratepayers,” the Consumers Council of Missouri, a consumer advocacy nonprofit, said in a statement. “What worries us is the 10-year rate clause, allowing the Public Service Commission to set rates for 10 years that would disable future commissions from revisiting those special rates.”

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Ameren prices go DOWN.

Lower electric prices for Ameren Missouri customers this week. Kudos to our Public Service Commission! More here.

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Raise the costs of all MO utilities?

Pending utility legislation would raise the costs of utilities for all Missourians with ONE exception: Doe Run.

Pending utility legislation would raise the costs of utilities for all Missourians with ONE exception: Doe Run. A few of our representatives are standing up for us: Sen. Gary Romine, Sen. Doug Libla, and Sen. Jill Schupp represent a few brave voices speaking up against a torrent of utility propaganda.

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Many MO residents still lack access to internet. Banning community broadband is not the answer. Consumers benefit when there is choice, not when there is more restriction.

“50 Shades of Grey” Community Broadband Ban Bill Ties the Hands of Missouri Communities

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‘Viewpoints’ reviews consumer protection

Join our director, Cara Spencer, in looking at a disastrous bill before the Missouri Senate.

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MO: Right to sue!

Missourians deserve the right to sue deceitful businesses. Some MO Senators disagree. Call yours today and tell them that consumer protection is important to you!

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MO Consumer Law is UNDER ATTACK

Call your Missouri State Senator today and tell them that you want your consumer rights protected.

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MO Consumer Protection Law is Under Attack!

Under consideration in the MO Senate: An Attack on MO Consumer Protection Law.

Join advocates Consumers Council of Missouri in calling / emailing your legislator today!

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ACA Deadline Coming!

The Trump administration has canceled all government-sponsored outreach advertising, email reminders, phone calls and other promotion related to ACA open enrollment deadline.
But ACA remains the law of the land, requiring most people to have health insurance and providing subsidies for 2017 health plans.
Help us get the word out in these last few days of Open Enrollment 2017 to reach consumers and provide in-person help is more important now than ever! is still open to consumers until 11:59 PST on January 31.

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No subsidies for Doe Run!

Tell the MO Senate that you don’t want to subsidize utility rates for Doe Run.

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